Workers Discover The Cuddliest Baby Deer Who Doesn’t Want To Be Let Go

While trimming a path for electric lines, two workers were surprised to stumble upon a precious baby deer tangled in the wooded area. The fawn was understandably distressed when they discovered him in the thorns, so they attempted to calm him with cuddles and rubbing his belly.

They were apparently a little too successful in calming him down, however, as the video shows how reluctant the little guy is to leave his savior”s arms. But, can you blame him?

(source YouTube)

The workers say, once the cutie was finally okay with being let down, the fawn followed them around their job site for about another hour “like a lost puppy.” They eventually noticed a doe nearby watching and, realizing it must be the mother, reunited the sweet family.

Note: If you encounter a wild animal in danger, call your local humane society or rescue organization.

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