Father Recieves An Amazing Christmas Gift From His Favorite Football Team

Seattle Seahawks super fan Alex received the gift of the season from the Super Bowl champions. The gift was all thanks to a chance encounter with a woman who asked to borrow his jacket.

Just before Christmas Day, Alex received a surprise package sent from the football team, courtesy of running back Robert Turbin. The package was sent after Alex ran into a woman in Kansas City in November. The woman who asked to borrow his Seahawks jacket for a moment. She said she was Turbin”s girlfriend and wanted to send him a photo of her in the team jacket. The woman told Alex she would get him to meet her boyfriend, but they were unfortunately never able to organize the meeting.

To make up for the missed connection, Turbin sent Alex a package for Christmas. When he finally opened the gift with his son, it brought him to tears.

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Alex could barely speak by the time he finished unwrapping that awesome gift. What a cool thing to do for a fan. Now put the darn scissors down, Coop.

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