25 Days Of Creepy Christmas, Day 23: This Is Where Your Decorations Are Made

Welcome to our first annual ViralNova Presents: 25 Days Of Creepy Christmas special section! Every day, from December 1st to December 25th, we”re posting a new Christmas-themed article guaranteed to get you in the creepy holiday spirit. There is a “Christmas village” in central Zhejiang province of the People”s Republic of China. This village is […]

Vintage Public Health Posters Were Creepier Than What They Warned About

To be fair, public health ads have always been extreme. Even nowadays they aren”t completely normal. In these commercials, people melt into couch cushions, breathe out of holes in their neck and generally face doom after doing drugs. But a few decades ago? The warnings were even weirder. The artist realizes gonorrhea doesn”t effect the […]