Father Recieves An Amazing Christmas Gift From His Favorite Football Team

Seattle Seahawks super fan Alex received the gift of the season from the Super Bowl champions. The gift was all thanks to a chance encounter with a woman who asked to borrow his jacket. Just before Christmas Day, Alex received a surprise package sent from the football team, courtesy of running back Robert Turbin. The […]

Workers Discover The Cuddliest Baby Deer Who Doesn’t Want To Be Let Go

While trimming a path for electric lines, two workers were surprised to stumble upon a precious baby deer tangled in the wooded area. The fawn was understandably distressed when they discovered him in the thorns, so they attempted to calm him with cuddles and rubbing his belly. They were apparently a little too successful in […]

20 Amazing New Animal Species You Didn’t Know Were Discovered In 2014

Scientists say that there are still thousands upon thousands of distinctive species that have yet to be discovered. From tiny see-through snails, to a furry raccoon-like mammal, 2014 yielded some really amazing discoveries within the animal world. Here are 10 of the coolest ones – we guarantee you haven”t heard of most of them! 1. […]

This Mastiff Turns Into A Big Baby When You Put Him In A Swimming Pool

As intimidating as big dogs might like to think they are, the truth is that many of them are really just big babies at heart. This hilarious English mastiff named Sampson proves that when he takes a splash in the pool. He seems pretty content to feel the cooling water, but only while he remains […]