He Sat Down At A Piano And Had The Audience Dancing In Their Seats

Anyone who”s seen Top Gun remembers singing along to the all-time classic “Great Balls of Fire.” You just can”t help but dance when it comes on. So when a young pianist by the name of Tilman started playing it for these judges, you can just imagine their reactions. (via voicekids clubplay) Judging by his incredible […]

You’ll Never Believe What the FDA Allows in These 7 Foods!

There”s stuff in our food you wouldn”t believe…and it”s totally legal! The FDA has “action levels,” or the levels of non-food materials at which they will recall or take action against a certain food product. However, according to the FDA, it is almost impossible to fully prevent these materials in the foods below at specified […]

This Graphic Designer Offers Her Services To Restaurants In Exchange For A Meal.

New York-based graphic designer Lauren Hom noticed something around her neighborhood in Crown Heights, Brooklyn: the restaurants needed help. Not in the busboy or wait staff department, but with their boring specials signs. Hom explains, “I noticed that it”s common for a restaurant to have a menu board that”s written by, like, a hung-over hostess.” […]