These Surreal Sculptures By Tony Tasset Will Bend Your Mind All Over The Place

Tony Tasset”s sculptures are certainly eye-catching especially the one that”s a giant eye. For one thing, they”re a study in opposites; his subject matter is often the soft, squishy, watery, and wet, but the actual materials include rigid materials like plastic, fiberglass, and resin. The sculptures are often brightly colored, even lurid, and some are […]

Every Year, This Couple Decided To Do Something Awesome To Celebrate Their Love.

Over 10 years ago, Giles Paley-Phillips his now-wife Michell stumbled into an adorable annual tradition. It all started with a simple picture, but it somehow transformed into one of the cutest family photos ever. In 2000, Giles and Michell decided to get a photo booth picture taken together. (This was before everyone could just take […]