He Dipped A Tire Rim In A Vat Of Water And Paint…The Results Are Amazing

Have you ever seen a car with really neat details painted on the rims or grill? They”re so detailed, I”ve always wondered if they were stick-on decals. If you think the intricate designs are crazy on their own, wait until you see the process of applying them. The company HG Arts specializes in water transfer […]

We’ve Managed To Find The Only Toddler In The World Who Doesn’t Like Frozen

Even if you haven”t seen Frozen, you know of its popularity with the younger generations. (Okay, so your friends probably like it too – “Let It Go” is admittedly catchy.) The animated tale of two princesses has inspired countless little girls and boys to burst into song, build snowmen, and more. But what if I […]

These Intricate, Daring, And Artistic Tattoos Are Unlike Any You’ve Ever Seen

The work of artist pair Jade Tomlinson and Kev James, better known by their professional moniker Expanded Eye, crosses all kinds of boundaries. Their extensive portfolio includes paintings, installations, sculpture, and street art. Their work can also be found on human skin in the form of unusual tattoos. After meeting his wife, the client on […]